DES MOINES – The Pork Checkoff is using quick response (QR) codes on pork labels to give consumers more information about pork production through a series of videos that feature the pork industry's “We Care” animal care and welfare initiative.

“We wanted to find the best way to share this information with consumers,” said Angela Anderson, food chain outreach manager for the Pork Checkoff. “We decided that short videos were the quickest, most effective way to catch people’s attention and articulate the We Care principles.”

The videos, which are part of a mobile website, focus on animal nutrition, animal welfare, feed additives and antibiotics. Consumers can access the videos after scanning the QR codes. As an incentive, some retailers offered consumers the opportunity to win a $500 gift card for scanning the codes. The checkoff intends to survey select participants in the QR code promotion with the goal of using the feedback to fine-tune the content of future QR code promotions.

“We have so many ideas on how to develop the program further,” said Jarrod Sutton, assistant vice president of channel marketing. “The pork industry is headed in the right direction by being transparent and helping consumers learn more about the farm-to-fork connection.”