SAO PAULO, BRAZIL — JBS S.A. recently signed a pact with Wal-Mart. During the occasion, both parties committed themselves to harvesting beef in Brazil in a sustainably responsible manner.

Both parties have agreed to work together in the Amazon Biome to guarantee beef will not be sourced from properties that have any irregularities particularly in relation to a blacklist drawn up by the Brazilian Environment Institute (I.B.A.M.A.) or from ranchers that have in any way exploited child or slave like labor.

JBS was represented by Marcus Vinícius Pratini de Moraes, president of its Corporate Strategy and Sustainability Committee, and Wal-Mart Brazil’s president, Héctor Núñez. The pact also includes a commitment to trace, identify and control the cattle herd within the biome so that no illegal logging or deforestation can be associated with raising cattle in the region.

"Our activity is associated with the land and we are pleased to take this further step towards its preservation and in preserving the land, we are guarantying the future of our company," said Joesley M. Batista, president of JBS S.A. "This pact confirms the conduct of JBS in accordance to our commitment with the beef chain sustainability. We will continue to work with retailers and consumers in preserving a balanced environment and providing healthy products with sustainability for our consumers the world over."