FRISCO, Texas – On Feb. 18, GEA Food Solutions welcomed the media to the grand opening of its technology center at its Frisco, Texas, headquarters.Meat&Poultrystaffers were on hand to tour the technology center, which features multiple line configuration possibilities and full-time food technologists to assist customers with testing and developing new products. Executives were also available to answer questions during a press conference at the facility.

“Our vision for the Americas Technology Center is simple: We want to solidify ourselves as technology leaders across all of our core competencies and for true partnerships with our customers,” said GEA Food Solutions segment CEO Dirk Hejnal. “Building off the success of our Technology Centers in Europe, we want to provide an environment where any customer can come and test an existing product or a concept for a new product on our machinery.”

GEA Food Solutions offers customers equipment to assist with a full range of processing applications from preparation and marination, to processing, slicing and packaging. This technology center will offer multiple full line options depending on the application need of the customer. GEA will also offer the ability to test a single piece of machinery.

The technology center will house GEA Food Solutions systems such as the GEA CookStar and GEA Easy Fry alongside new machinery such as the GEA MutiDrum homestyle breading machine and MultiJector injection system.

Hejnal added, “I believe that our competitive advantage lies in our ability to provide the most complete solutions in the industry. This, combined with our expertise, thirst for innovation and desire for true customer partnership, ensures that this Technology Center will be the catalyst that propels GEA Food Solutions, as well as our partners, to new heights in the marketplace.”