OTTAWA, Ontario – Two Canadian food distributors are recalling beef jerky products because the manufacturer used beef recalled by Petaluma, Calif.-based Rancho Feeding Corporation, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency reported.

Crown Star Food Distributors Ltd. and Wallace & Carey Ltd. recalled various Tillamook County Smoker brand beef jerky products on concerns the products pose a health risk to consumers. The jerky was sold in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario, according to CFIA.

Tillamook Country Smoker, Bay City, Ore., initiated recall because some of the beef products used to make the jerky products were recalled byRancho Feeding. The Petaluma beef processor recalled approximately 8,742,700 lbs. of meat products that were processed from diseased and "unsound" animals without federal inspection. CFIA said the agency is conducting its own food-safety investigation which may lead to the recall of other food products.