CHICAGO – The minimum wage will increase in 23 states in 2015, with more than half of states reporting minimum wages that are higher than the federal amount, which is $7.25.

The National Restaurant Association reported the majority of state-level increases are set to come into force Jan. 1, 2015. A combination of legislation, ballot initiatives and automatic adjustments based on inflation contributed to minimum wage increases.

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Increases to take effect after Jan. 1 occur in Delaware ($8.25 from $7.75) in June, Maryland ($8.25 from $8) in July and Minnesota ($9 from $8) in August, according to the NRA. Meanwhile, five major US cities also will see minimum wage increases in 2015, including Seattle ($11 from $9.32) in April, Washington, D.C. ($10.50 from $9.50) in July, Berkeley, Calif. ($11 to $10) in October, San Francisco ($12.25 from $12.25) in May, and Oakland, Calif. ($12.25 from $9) in March. Additionally, Montgomery and Prince George’s County, Md. will increase minimum wages from to $9.55 from $8.40 in October.

NRA noted that 26 states will have minimum wages above the federal level.