"The Corner" is McDonald's minus the burgers and fries.

SYDNEY - McDonald's Corp. is testing a new concept called The Corner, a pared down, upscale and healthier version of the chain's McCafe concept in Australia.

McDonald's officials said The Corner is a “learning lab” for the company to test premium and gourmet items. News reports state the restaurant opened in Sydney with little fanfare and a lot of "good-for-you" options. The restaurant features a salad bar with ingredients, such as lentils, couscous, Moroccan roast chicken and eggplant salad, among other items.

Noticeably absent are Big Macs, Quarterpounder sandwiches and french fries. Even the staff uniform got a makeover — staff members wear denim button-down shirts and khaki aprons, according to news reports.

McDonald's is on a mission to regain relevance among consumers and jumpstart the business in the United States. The company reported US comparable sales declined 4.6 percent amid strong competitive activity. In response, McDonald's recently announced its intention to remove eight menu items in January and launch "Create your taste", a build-your-own model that increases customization and variety for customers while eliminating the need for additional menu items.