LOS ANGELES – The “Slaughterhouse Five” escape is the story of five cows that fled from a meat processing plant, attracting plenty of attention and some controversy, according to local news reports. But an animal rescue group wants to bring two of the cows to an animal sanctuary.

Farm Sanctuary, which operates three shelters in New York and California, provides lifelong care for rescued farm animals. The organization offered to help capture the remaining fugitive cows and take them to a Farm Sanctuary shelter in Orland, Calif.

The escapes started on Dec. 12 when a heifer jumped a 6-ft. fence at Anderson Custom Pack in Pocatello, Idaho. Pocatello police officers chased the heifer through traffic and residential streets. Police officers shot the cow multiple times, but it kept running. A Pocatello police officer shot and killed the animal in the backyard of a residence, according to news reports.

On Dec. 14, four more cows escaped from the same processing plant, although Pocatello officials suspect the escapees had outside help — a gate had been left open. TheIdaho Statesmanreported that an employee at Anderson Custom Pack shot and killed one of the cows; another cow was captured. Two cows are still missing.

“The processing plant expressed concern for the cows, one of whom is pregnant,” Susie Coston, Farm Sanctuary national shelter director, said in a statement. “It’s cold outside and they’re worried that the animals are tired, hungry and thirsty, so we’re hoping they will work with us to bring them to sanctuary. It would be a happy ending for everyone involved, but especially for the cows, who want nothing more than to simply enjoy the one life they get just like we do.”