ISSAQUA, Wash. – Four friends or family members with about $500 each can get a taste of Wagyu beef courtesy of Costco.

Costco is offering the Kuroge breed of Wagyu with an A-5 grade. The cattle are raised on grass and finished on incremental amounts of grain, according to the chain's website. The animals receive massages and other pampering while living in a stress-free environment.

The club store has a limited supply of the exceedingly rare beef, which is known for its superior marbling — and its staggering price tag. A four-pack of 24-oz. Wagyu New York strip steaks will set buyers back $1,199.99. A boneless ribeye roast costs the same — after $300 off. The steaks ship frozen via UPS next day air. The roast ships fresh, according to Costco's website.

The site also provides cooking tips: "Whatever you do, never overcook this Wagyu beef, or you will render out the precious fat. Sear or grill the steaks on high heat for a short time only. Season simply with salt and pepper to allow the extraordinary flavor to shine. Prior to cooking, steaks can be sliced into smaller portions and then individually seared."

After giving the product four out of five stars, one online reviewer warned that the 90-day return policy does not apply to the Wagyu beef.