MINNEAPOLIS – Cargill announced that Senior Vice President, Bill Buckner will retire in 2015 after 27 years with the company. Buckner will step down from the Cargill Leadership Team in February. He is credited with helping the company build its meat and poultry businesses. He also has been closely involved with Cargill's food safety efforts.

"Bill (Buckner) is well known for his unwavering support of our people, businesses and customers," said David MacLennan, president and CEO. "Along with his passion for growing our meat businesses, Bill has championed a number of companywide priorities, including employee recognition and food safety." 

Cargill also announced a new addition to the company's executive leadership team in charge of the company's strategic direction, growth and capital allocation. Todd Hall was named to the Cargill Leadership Team based on his track record of building businesses and strong teams of his own. 


 Todd Hall

"Todd has a consistent track record of growing Cargill businesses, both organically and through acquisition," MacLennan said. "He has shown the ability to build strong teams that focus on what our customers need to be successful."

Hall is a 32-year veteran of Cargill. He joined the company in 1982 and held general management positions with the animal nutrition businesses until 1998 when he joined the animal nutrition leadership team. Hall worked with businesses in Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States.

In 2001, Hall oversaw Cargill's acquisition of Agribrands International, the company’s largest acquisition at the time. He was promoted to president of Cargill Animal Nutrition in 2004, and in 2008, he became a platform leader focusing on poultry operations in Central America, china, Europe, Thailand and the US.