Sonic's Culinary Innovation Center figures heavily in the company's plan for growth.

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. – Sonic Corp.'s Culinary Innovation Center is open and ready for experimentation.

The company developed the center to test ideas, equipment, recipes and products to spur innovations in menu items. The center includes a kitchen with modern tools and equipment; a Sonic kitchen to test new products and equipment in a real-world scenario; a 40-seat dining room for presentations, meetings and consumer research; a six-seat bar area for drink innovation; and cameras that allow chefs to broadcast training sessions, food demos, interviews and more.

“Sonic is generating strong sales growth, and we are looking to build on that momentum,” said Clifford Hudson, chairman, CEO and president of Sonic Corp. “The quality and uniqueness of our food are big reasons for our success, and we’ve invested more than $1 million into the new Culinary Innovation Center to ensure our chefs have access to some of the best equipment in one of the nicest facilities in the industry to continue the great work they’re doing, driving our business forward with delicious, innovative food.”

Chef Claes Petersson, vice president of product innovation at Sonic, noted that chefs aren't the only beneficiaries of the center. He said the center can support many elements of the Sonic business, including marketing, operations, supply chain and training.

“It will not only make our culinary team more efficient and effective in what we do, but will also serve as a uniquely SONIC space where all aspects of our company can collaborate and work together toward our collective goals,” Petersson said. “This culinary epicenter is a symbol of Sonic’s commitment to creative innovation and quality, and a sign of our continued success.”