SMITHFIELD, Va. – Smithfield Farmland is offering PRIME, a premium all natural fresh pork line under the Smithfield and Farmland brands.

Smithfield Farmland PRIME products are sourced from the company's proprietary Duroc line of market hogs. The hogs are segregated from the general population during processing to meet stringent quality standards, the company said. The PRIME line is produced under the USDA Process Verification Program, which ensures no beta-agonist growth promotants are used.

“Smithfield Farmland PRIME is a product of the USA that is sourced from market hogs sired by a proprietary Duroc line that are raised without beta-agonist growth promotants and no hormones and steroids,” said Dr. Roger Johnson, director of Pork Quality at Smithfield. “Not all pork is created equal and we’re confident that when consumers experience PRIME they’ll be able to see the exceptional color and increased marbling, and taste the tenderness and flavor difference.”