WASHINGTON – Hatcheries in the 19-state weekly program set 206 million eggs in incubators during the week ending Nov. 15, a 2 percent increase from a year ago, the US Dept. of Agriculture said in its Broiler Hatchery report. Average hatchability of chicks hatched during the week was 84 percent.

For the week ending Nov. 15, Georgia growers set 34,758 eggs in incubators; Alabama growers set 28,364 eggs; Arkansas growers set 22,378; growers in North Carolina set 21,167 eggs; and Mississippi poultry growers set 17,666 eggs in incubators.

Broiler-type chicks placed for meat production climbed 1 percent to 162 million chicks, USDA said. Broiler growers in Georgia placed 26,182 chicks for meat production; Alabama growers placed 20,959 chicks; Arkansas growers placed 18,343 chicks; broiler growers in North Carolina placed 16,685 chicks; and Mississippi growers placed 14,657 chicks for meat production.

Cumulative placements from Dec. 29, 2013 through Nov. 15 were up 1 percent to 7.90 billion.