Dr. Temple Grandin and Dr. Gary Smith of Colorado State Univ.

FORT COLLINS, Colo. – The second phase of the animal sciences building at Colorado State Univ. recently received a boost from two prominent faculty members.

Dr. Temple Grandin and Dr. Gary Smith, both professors of animal science at CSU, have each donated $250,000 to support Animal Sciences Phase II Building construction and programs. Grandin is a pioneer in animal handling and welfare research and a long-time Meat&Poultry columnist. Smith is a renowned expert in meat science and food safety, a University Distinguished Professor Emeritus, and serves as a visiting professor of animal sciences and special advisor to CSU president Tony Frank.

The facility will be named the Gary and Kay Smith Global Food Innovation Center and will feature a meat and poultry harvesting and processing center; a culinary research and sensory analysis facility; lecture hall; demonstration classroom and retail meat and dairy store and cafe. Additionally, the building will house the Temple Grandin Animal Handling and Education Center, which will include livestock handling and teaching areas designed by Grandin and a fully equipped livestock arena.

“The second phase of the Animal Sciences Building construction will be a space for teaching both our students and the general public about best practices for animal handling,” said Grandin. “We need a facility like this and the programs within it to maintain CSU’s status as a leader in animal sciences.”

The center will provide additional classroom and study space, in addition to state-of-the-art laboratory and research facilities focused on meat and food science.