SEBASTTOPOL, Calif. – Whole Foods Market stores in the Southern Pacific region will begin carrying Hip Chick Farms Chicken Fingers, Chicken Meatballs and Chicken Wings products.
Hip Chick Farms’ products, which were previously available in the frozen foods section, are expanding into the chef's case, hot bar and fresh pack sections of Whole Foods Market’s prepared foods department. The products debuted in mid-October at Whole Foods Market stores in the Southern Pacific region, which includes stores in Southern California, Arizona, Southern Nevada and Hawaii.

“The expansion from the frozen aisle to the Prepared Foods department is not only evidence of the popularity of Hip Chick Farms product, but demonstrates Whole Foods Market’s confidence in our brand,” said Serafina Palandech, president and co-fFounder of Hip Chick Farms. “Whole Foods Market is the industry leader in providing an organic alternative in the traditionally commodity-driven category of Food Service. We are proud to be the first makers of branded organic poultry products in this category. This demonstrates Whole Foods Market’s commitment to transparency and connecting the dots between ingredient sourcing, food makers and the customer.”
“At Whole Foods Market, we are committed to providing organic offerings in all sections of our stores, and are seeking to create real transparency in prepared foods, which is a large and growing part of our business,” said Tracy Hardin, prepared foods coordinator for Whole Foods Market Southern Pacific region. “Our customers are seeking easy, pre-cooked solutions for lunch and dinner, and to enjoy classic family favorites that are organic and delicious. By partnering with Hip Chick Farms, our customers will know where the chicken is sourced and how it was produced.”
Hip Chick Farms markets its products as sourced locally, using sustainably produced ingredients to make nutritious, organic and convenient entrées for time-challenged families. The three products in its line-up include Chicken Fingers, Chicken Meatballs and Chicken Wings made from organic poultry. This chicken is free-range raised without antibiotics, fed an all-vegetarian diet, with no artificial preservatives or fillers. The chicken is sourced from Mary’s Organic Chicken from Pitman Family Farms. All Hip Chick Farms products are made fresh in small, artisan batches, and then flash-frozen to lock in flavor and enhance texture. Company products are available at more than 250 natural and specialty grocery stores on the West Coast and Texas.