CHANGGE CITY, CHINA — Zhongpin Inc. recently received an Award of Excellence from the Provincial Government in Henan Province in the People’s Republic of China. This award is presented annually to the top 100 private enterprises in Henan Province and represents the highest honor for local private enterprises, according to a news release. It is based on each company's product quality, distribution logistics, technological advancement, management capabilities and overall contribution to society.

"We are honored to receive this prestigious award from the Provincial Government of Henan Province," said Xianfu Zhu, chairman and chief executive officer. "We constantly strive to achieve excellence in our quality control, product development and distribution processes. As the world economy begins to slowly recover, we are optimistic about the future growth prospects for pork and prepared meat products in China."

Zhongpin is a meat and food processing company specializing in pork and pork products, fruits and vegetables in China. Its distribution network in China includes 20 provinces and four cities with special legal status, and includes over 3,097 retail outlets. Its export markets include the European Union and Southeast Asia.