Epic produces gluten-free energy bars made with bison, beef, lamb, turkey and pork.

AUSTIN, Texas – Epic energy bars aren't made for everyone, but for consumers who are serious about gluten-free, grass-fed and good health, the company's new bison-bacon-cranberry bar may be worth a try.

The bars are made with 100-percent grass-fed beef, bison and lamb, vegetarian fed pork and turkey. The animals are antibiotic- and hormone-free. The bison-bacon-cranberry bar is the latest flavor of meat-based energy bar the company produces. Other energy bars include beef-habanero-cherry, turkey-almond-cranberry and lamb-currant-mint. The company's Hunter & Gatherer brand of beef jerky includes Berry Blossom, Harvest Nuts, Toasted Coconut and Mountain Medley varieties.

Taylor Collins and Katie Forrest founded Epic in Austin, Texas, according to the company's website. Collins is a competitive runner and triathlete, while Forrest notes as her most "epic adventure" the 2010 Kona Ironman World Championship race.