WICHITA, KAN. — Cargill Meat Solutions announced the introduction of additional pork products under its Rumba retail brand. Focusing on multicultural consumers with offerings of beef variety cuts since 2007, the new pork offerings include ears, hocks, jowls, kidneys, front feet, stomach, livers, hearts and skins.

The expanded product line was developed to offer retail customers a wider array of products that were formerly only available at specialty shops, said Kelly Perrier, Cargill Pork’s brand manager.

"Our research showed that there was a limited number of pork variety meats in the mainstream meat case," Perrier said. "Rumba variety meats represent quality, fresh products that our customers trust. With the Rumba brand, our customers can conveniently make authentic, favorite family recipes for their entire family."

With the addition of the pork products to the Rumba brand, the company has also expanded its beef cuts to this segment. The new beef cuts include flank, outside skirt, honeycomb tripe, marrowbone, and suet.

Rumba’s pork variety meat cuts are being sold at a number of retail outlets now and shipments to additional stores are being planned.