COLUMBIA, Mo. – The Missouri Beef Industry Council named Emily Scott, a member of the US Olympic team headed to Sochi, Russia, as its 2014 Olympic Beef Ambassador of Missouri. Scott will be competing in short track speed skating.

Scott is the first Beef Ambassador for the Missouri Beef Industry Council. She was chosen for her advocacy of using beef as her main source of protein its importance to her training routine. Scott trains eight hours a day, six days per week. She grew up in Springfield, Mo., and started speed skating at age nine. As a child, she worked on the family farm in Everton, Mo.

"As an athlete, iron is vital to my diet I eat beef because it is the best source of iron and protein. Iron boosts your energy because it is needed to make red blood cells which carry oxygen to your lungs and other areas" Scott said. "Iron is especially important for female athletes. Because of our intense training regimen that we undergo, females are at a high risk for anemia and red meat, such as beef, is essential for helping protect females against it. However, I also eat beef because it is a complete protein and protein aids in athlete recovery and building muscle."

After the games, Scott and the staff at Missouri Beef Industry Council will make appearances at various events and speaking engagements.