MIAMI – After 30 years, the Burger King chicken sandwich has received a flavor makeover, Miami-based Burger King Worldwide, Inc. announced.

In addition to the original recipe, the burger chain has launched a new Spicy Chicken Sandwich that features a premium white meat chicken fillet breaded and seasoned with a blend of cayenne and black pepper, according to Burger King. The sandwich is topped with shredded lettuce and mayonnaise and served on a sesame seed bun.


“We looked at peppers across the spectrum, from the mild poblano to the blazing hot ghost pepper and our Spicy Chicken Sandwich hits the perfect level of heat,” said Eric Hirschhorn, chief marketing officer, North America. “We know that our guests’ tastes are evolving and calling for spicier foods. This sandwich is a new option for our guests who already love our Original Chicken Sandwich and want to change it up with a fresh, bold taste.”

The Spicy Chicken Sandwich sells for $3.79. The sandwich is also available as part of the two for $5 offer beginning Jan. 17 through March 2 alongside the Original Chicken Sandwich, Big King Sandwich and Alaskan Fish Sandwich.