BUFFALO LAKE, Minn. – A Minnesota meatpacker was cited a fourth time for violations of humane slaughter rules, according to local news reports.

Triple J Family Farms, Buffalo Lake, Minn., has received multiple citations for inhumane slaughter followed by suspension that lasted about a day, according to US Department of Agriculture reports. The problems seem to concern the knock box. The latest citation was issued Dec. 4 when a USDA inspector observed a beef cow exhibiting signs of regaining consciousness after being stunned with a bolt stunner. A second stunning was needed.

Past citations were for similar violations and excessive use of an electric prod. On Oct. 10, USDA suspended the firm after barn personnel failed to properly stun an animal that was too small for the chin lift. Another incident of an ineffective stun occurred on Oct. 11 leading to another suspension.

Triple J Family Farms specializes in kosher beef processing.