World Technology Ingredients


WTI was founded in 1978 by Wolfgang Ludwig to provide the food processing industry with functional ingredients and new technology.

When we started, our customers were small, privately owned processors who marketed their products regionally. Today, many of our customers compete in both national and international markets. As our customers have grown, so too have their demands for the new technology needed to maintain continued profitability and growth.

Our industry is faced with the challenge of consistently delivering safe, high quality and great tasting products in an ever-changing environment.


WTI has developed functional ingredients for processors seeking solutions within
a variety of substrates. Our off-the-shelf and customizable products help meet processors’ most pressing needs such as shelf life extension, pathogen intervention
and increasing yield.

Product Portfolio

is a functional ingredient that offers a complete solution for improving food quality and safety while reducing purge loss and increasing cook yield.

MYOSOL is a sodium-free solution for maintaining color and improving the water holding capability of processed meat.

WTI’s all-natural solution for improving shelf life and inhibiting pathogen outgrowth in ready-to-eat meats, salads and soups.

FlavorIn is WTI’s clean label solution for improving the organoleptic attributes of meats, deli salads and packaged foods.

TenderIn is an all-natural, clean label alternative to phosphates.

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