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Ossid provides superior tray overwrapping, weigh price labeling, and horizontal thermoform/fill/seal solutions that can help you improve the productivity of your packaging line. Our tray packaging, form fill seal and weigh price labeling equipment are available at the speeds you need with stainless steel construction and state of the art control systems.

Tray Packaging Solutions: Tray packaging solutions range from leak-proof tray sealing to stretch and shrink wrapping for case-ready meats.

Form / Fill / Seal Solutions: Our line of thermoform/fill/seal machines utilize modern technologies to produce a variety of customizable package types -including modified atmosphere (MAP), vacuum, recloseable, flexible, rigid and ambient packaging - to meet your requirements. 

Weighing / Labeling Solutions: The 1500 series of weigh price labelers offer the most flexible, non-proprietary, continuous motion weigh/labeling solution in the industry.

We also provide one of the most complete customer service programs available in the industry, including the service personnel, parts, and training necessary to keep our equipment running at peak efficiency.



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