National Fleet Tracking


GPS In A Box is revolutionizing the reefer trucking business.  As the final destination of poultry, meat, and seafood to retailers/end users, you, as the customer or supplier, need this. You can own and use this hurdle technology to accurately see pulp temperatures and humidity, every 15 minutes and real time alerts if temperatures rise above or below your thresholds along with door alerts.


Pulp Temperature Monitoring: Receive updates every 15 minutes on the cloud that is accessible from almost any device. If temperatures reach low or high thresholds that you set, you’re immediately alerted.


Door Seal Monitoring: Using the latest in light sensing technology, you’ll immediately be alerted if the door is opened allowing you to be responsive.


Location Tracing: Have traceability by knowing where your shipment is at all times better helping you estimate delivery times, stopped locations, and the accelerometer will let you know about erratic driving behavior.


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