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Trust the Product Inspection Industry Leaders

The world’s largest manufacturer of metal detectors and x-ray inspection systems, METTLER TOLEDO Safeline is your trusted partner in foreign material prevention. Solutions range from basic, economical systems to sophisticated, state-of-the-art systems with customized material handling solutions. Systems are designed for all types of packaged and bulk products in wet and dry environments and are custom engineering and manufactured in house for seamless integration into your production lines. All products are backed by world-class, global service with 24/7 telephone support.


Metal Detection


Our systems prevent costly recalls by ensuring your products are free of ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel contaminants which can be introduced during processing. Our latest system – ideal for high moisture products of varying temperatures such as meat and poultry - maximizes sensitivity and minimizes false rejects, dramatically reducing product waste.


X-ray Inspection


Our systems detect all types of metal, glass, stone and bone contaminants, measure mass and check for missing or damaged product inside closed packages and confirm fill levels to guarantee product and package integrity.




Product Inspection North America

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