Marel Food Systems



In 1983, a small Iceland-based company focused on developing equipment for the fishing industry, hence Marel was born. In less than 25 years, The Marel Group would grow into a multi-national leader in the development and manufacture of high-tech food-processing technology. Marel’s solutions today can be found in processing plants in each of the major protein industries in nearly every segment of production.

Marel’s largest subsidiary, was founded in 1996 and is strategically located in Lenexa, Kansas. The acquisitions of Stork & Townsend allow Marel to offer customers totally integrated solutions and join the Marel, AEW-Delford, and Scanvaegt brands in the Marel stable. Each of these brands meets customer requirements for high-quality equipment and turnkey solutions, and together they cover a wider area of the marketplace than they would individually.

To support strategic growth and innovation, Marel unveiled its state-of-the-art Marel Innovation Center in 2007, located at the company’s North American offices in Lenexa. In addition the Townsend Further Processing group has its Innovation center located within the Des Moines facility. These facilities put the company in a unique position to provide first class training and support, perform professional demonstrations and participate in R&D activities. With the controlled environment, equipped with the right technology, technicians, trainers and industry specialists, Marel can better team up with our customers to help them meet their goals of increased profitability and competitiveness.

Because Marel Group re-invests a significant percentage of its annual revenue toward innovation, the company has remained ahead of the curve where research and development are concerned. Marel remains atop its game because of its highly qualified researchers and technicians, its great working relationship with industry leaders and its pioneering mindset.

Marel’s dedication to customer service has also allowed it to maintain its stronghold in the food-processing industry. Great pride is taken at Marel in establishing and maintaining lasting partnerships, and there is no reason for Marel to change that strategy after its decades of success. Marel will continue to focus on growth, innovation and outstanding customer service in the future.

Marel Inc. • 8145 Flint Street, • Lenexa, KS 66214