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New to the menu
A snapshot of some of the latest and tastiest foodservice offerings.
New chicken sandwiches soar on menus
Restaurants offer their own takes on the traditional chicken sandwich.
Meat snacks for sophisticated palates
The average American eats more than 4 lbs. of meat per week. This increasingly includes innovative, premium meat snacks, a booming category that invites consumers to go on a quick culinary adventure.
New Meat Items
Food service operators offer innovative pairs of poultry and cheese.
New Global Menu Items
Restaurants offer island, Cajun and Canadian cuisine.
New Product Review
Convenience and protein are fueling innovation in heat-and-eat prepared foods, products merchandised in both the retail refrigerator and freezer.
New Menu Items
Restaurants pump up the poultry with new cooking methods and flavors.
New on the Menu for June
Protein pairs are popping up on sandwiches, sliders and pizzas.
Grill-ready meats
The summer months are prime time for home grilling, and consumers are constantly looking to learn new barbecuing techniques in order to grill with greater frequency. Here are some new meat and poultry items that make grilling easier. 
Fast Food Favorites
Restaurants debut fresh takes on the cheeseburger.
New on the Menu in May
Restaurants unveil new offerings featuring such combinations as chicken and quinoa and skirt steak and farro.  
One for the record books
Highlights from Smithfield's attempt at setting the Guinness World Record for the Largest Grilling Lesson.
Baconfest Chicago 2017
The 9th Annual Baconfest Chicago is a unique showcase for bacon talent from Food Network stars, Michelin-honored chefs and James Beard nominees, side-by-side with local chefs on the rise.  
New Product Review
Meat and poultry manufacturers are exploring better-for-you formulations, bold flavors and convenience in order to grab a share of the snacking dollar.
Meat on the Menu
Restaurants using the familiar fowl as a base to showcase new flavor profiles.