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Formulation & ingredient trends for meat and poultry products

Sponsored by Meat&Poultry
December 11, 2013 at 2:00PM Eastern

In a FREE 30-minute webinar brought to you by Meat&Poultry, Editor Joel Crews and Donna Berry will recap the biggest topics of 2013 and the hottest trends of 2014. Since covering formulation and ingredient trends exclusively for Meat&Poultry, Donna Berry has addressed topics ranging from developing lower sodium meat and poultry products to the role of functional ingredients to add value to new and existing products. Her insight into the development of healthier and more convenient products warrant a look back at the past year’s coverage while she looks ahead at ingredient trends in 2014. When you factor in consumer cravings for artisan, ethnic and fusion flavors, along with various dietary restrictions, Berry has a thorough understanding of the challenges facing meat and poultry product formulators.