SPARKS, Md. – New takes on summer grilling staples are set to soar this season, McCormick & Co., Inc., said in its Flavor Forecast 2017: Grilling Edition report. Korean-inspired burgers and white barbecue sauce are among top trends for the grill.

Kevan Vetter, executive chef for McCormick

“This summer is all about bringing new inspiration to grilling favorites like burgers, barbecue sauce, potatoes and wings,” said Kevan Vetter, executive chef for McCormick. “Add a twist to your burgers by mixing Korean flavors like sesame, garlic, soy and honey into the patty, then top with an easy grilled kimchi and ginger garlic mayo. Or put that cast iron skillet to work on the grill and create the ultimate sausage and egg hash.”

Read on for five flavors and trends heating up on barbecue grills across North America.


Asian invasion

Korean-inspired flavors have been trending upward, appearing in such packaged foods as Conagra Brands’ new Healthy Choice Power Bowls Korean-Inspired Beef Bowl, Lean Cuisine Marketplace Sweet & Spicy Korean-Style Beef frozen entrée and Jack Link’s Lorissa’s Kitchen brand Korean barbecue meat snacks. Restaurants have picked up on the trend, too, with such offerings as Noodles & Co.’s Spicy Korean Beef Noodles and Korean BBQ Meatballs with Gochujang Sauce.

McCormick is encouraging Americans to bring Korean barbecue to their own backyards with Korean BBQ Burgers inspired by Tteokgalbi Korean beef patties. The company suggests swapping the traditional Korean BBQ marinated short ribs for ground beef mixed with sesame, soy and honey, then topping the burgers with grilled kimchi and ginger garlic mayo.

Salad gets seared

Poke, a Hawaiian raw seafood salad, is hitting the grill this season. McCormick recommends searing fish or shrimp along with fresh summer vegetables and fruits then tossing in a bowl with citrusy sweet and spicy dressings, such as lime crema.


Hot potatoes

Cold potato salad is getting the cold shoulder. This summer, it’s all about hot potatoes. Consumers may create such dishes as loaded smashed potatoes, charred sweet potatoes and sausage and egg hash by grilling the spuds in a cast iron skillet, McCormick said.


Ta-ta, tomato-based sauce

Bland in color but not flavor, white barbecue sauce is a tangy twist on a traditional favorite, McCormick said. The mayo-based condiment may be spooned over grilled or smoked chicken.


Sweet heat wings

Spice meets sweet in this trending method for serving chicken wings. Use black pepper and ripe summer fruits such as blackberries and peaches to create glazed, sticky sweet and spicy grilled wings.