Richard Alaniz

Continuing with ADA compliance
Regulators and courts are increasingly open to the idea that obesity is a disability.

Federal contractors: A closer look at compliance
New mandates increase the compliance obligations of federal contractors.
Keeping temp workers safe
Employers need to review their use of temporary employees.
Blowing the whistle on whistleblowers
A mere 2 percent of claims were found to merit agency action.

Wage and hour compliance
Employers must ensure they are complying with all relevant federal wage and hour regulations.
Balancing act
Employers must ensure a safe workplace while complying with ADA.
Answering the whistle
Companies can minimize the number of potential whistleblower by taking appropriate steps.

Tools of the trade
Five things plant operators should focus on regarding federal and state laws that affect tools in the workplace.
Hiring homework
Companies that routinely conduct criminal background checks should take a hard look at their current policies and procedures.
Problems with pensions
Companies need to understand multi-employer pension plans or the financial implications of early withdrawal liability.
Equal employment challenges employers
Stay up to date on court rulings and EEOC regulations – The courts are beginning to see an increasing number of cases under the ADAAA.
Balancing and bargaining act
Companies need to keep a careful eye on how state, local and the federal governments balance budgets in a struggling economy.
Averting hiring hiccups
Problems exist with “must-be-employed” rules
Cracking down
The federal government is taking an increasingly aggressive stance to curb the hiring of unauthorized workers and to penalize employers who do.
Passing with flying colors
Companies utilizing employment tests should be familiar with federal guidance
Beyond 40 hours
Employers should be proactive to ensure they are protected from charges of wage and hour violations

Questioning benefits
Employers must consider whether all former workers deserve jobless benefits
Risky business
Managing medical marijuana use in the workplace can be sobering
Paying the price
Employers should look before they leap when considering deductible policies for workers
Maintaining accuracy
NEP program utilized to identify under-recording of worker illness, injuries
Keeping illegal immigration issues on ICE
Employers would be wise to take the opportunity now to ensure they are in compliance with all hiring regulations.
Avoiding add-on equipment risks
To minimize the dangers of add-on equipment, employers need to identify potential risks
Welcoming soldiers back to work
As employers begin grappling with reintegrating soldiers into the workplace, they must be aware of laws that protect soldiers returning from war.