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New food data series offers margin insights
The decrease in food processing’s share of the food dollar is accompanied by similar, but mostly smaller, declines in the farm share, in packaging, in transportation and in the retail trade.
Bucking the economy
During tough economic times, quality products keep consumers coming back for more.
Dodging a bullet
Producers and processors succeed in influencing GIPSA rule.
The betterment of beef
Improved quality and consistency of beef has spawned new cuts
Outside the norm
Stunning non-traditional species is not a one-size-fits-all proposition
In-plant automation: Where’s the beef?
The need to automate some mainline slaughter processes is greater than ever before.
Feed demand shifts underscore food stability
Growth in feed use accounts for more than half of the expected demand gains in this 2011-12 season
Trial and error
Frohling Meats & Catering takes traditional meat processing outside the box.

Perfect pairing
Winegrower Jon Sebastiani, uncorks Krave Jerky
Food reverberations from 'Occupy Wall Street' protest
When pressure on American households reaches a point that consumers struggle to put food on the table, the food industry needs to take note.
From dream to reality
Hard work and passion pays off for Bardine’s Country Smokehouse
Food itself plays major role in demand for food
The global food situation has as much to do with population size as any other factor, indicating how food has become an important determinant of its own demand.
Starting young
Bernthal Packing’s roots date back to 1949
Chico Locker and Sausage Co earns its stripes
Northern Sacramento Valley company moves up the ranks
Data transparency hugely important for markets
Sheltering farmers from reliable information that will help them make wise decisions is as counter to progress in food production as any manmade intervention could be.
Fired up
Hot dog makers cash in as consumers cook out
Sicilian roots, deep in the heart of East Texas
Zummo Meat Co. isn’t missing a beat in its fourth generation of success
Funny-bone business model
Luther’s Smokehouse lures customers with quality and leaves them laughing
Record-setting implications
Food prices surge as red meat input costs and supply levels see-saw
Listen to the music
A team of good livestock handlers is an integral part of every plant’s animal welfare program
Balancing act
Tyson continues to juggle all aspects of its multi-protein business
Bigger and bolder
JBS keeps pushing the envelope
High choice
Greater Omaha Packing finds a home on the range
Hormel ‘on a good run’
Second-quarter performance reflects a winning approach