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Government acts to provide drought assistance
Secretary Vilsack says Congress must pass a farm bill to ensure farm sector’s long-term recovery.
Discovering Value
Tyson’s Donnie Smith and Jim Lochner discuss how the company prioritizes consumer needs.
Relying on expertise
Reliable Brothers offers old-fashioned service and high-quality products.
Reais focused

Farmland as solid base for food industry
Net farm income in 2011 came within a hair’s breadth of $100 billion and net cash income approached $110 billion, both new records by a wide margin.
Three-pronged approach
One of Tyson’s primary strategic themes is to accelerate growth in its international and value-added businesses.

IOM offers strategies for obesity prevention
Study outlines five strategies to accelerate efforts in tackling obesity
Remote possibilities
One of Big Sky Country’s brightest stars is Pay N Save Grocery & Meat Shop.
Burger nirvana
America’s love affair with hamburgers has bolstered foodservice segments, increased overall demand.
Steve Jobs as enticing model for food industry
He may have scorned food manufacturing, but Steve Jobs still offers the industry a course to follow to attain food’s real potential.
Leap of faith
A blessing in disguise leads to the creation of Ely Farm Products
Food industry grades school meal nutrition standards
Standards are a boon for some food groups but raise concerns among others.
Partnering pays off
Maintenance-production teams drive positive results
Regulatory roadblocks
Small processors brace for a variety of challenges in 2012
Third party food safety audits under scrutiny
House committee report on Listeria outbreak raises concerns about the integrity of third-party audits.
Where’s the beef?
Beef supplies are set to decrease in 2012 while exports are poised for growth.

Keeping livestock-and handlers-safe
Employee engagement around workplace safety has led to declining injury rates
The ‘wow’ factor
Maplewood Meats’ customer-first focus
Reaping robotic benefits
Automation can help increase worker safety, reduce labor and improve the bottom line.
New food data series offers margin insights
The decrease in food processing’s share of the food dollar is accompanied by similar, but mostly smaller, declines in the farm share, in packaging, in transportation and in the retail trade.
Bucking the economy
During tough economic times, quality products keep consumers coming back for more.
Dodging a bullet
Producers and processors succeed in influencing GIPSA rule.
The betterment of beef
Improved quality and consistency of beef has spawned new cuts
Outside the norm
Stunning non-traditional species is not a one-size-fits-all proposition