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It’s what’s inside that counts
The next generation of filled foods and stuffed sandwiches offer a tantalizing array of flavors and textures.

New numbers to measure food business
The rise in use of grains for feed provides affirmation of how consumers are using their newfound gains in living standards to increase consumption of meat and poultry.

Cost conscious
Small processors look for big opportunities and challenges in 2014.

An appetite for poultry
Barberton, Ohio embraces its reputation as a hotbed for fried chicken eateries.

Burger Revolution
Cardinal Meat Specialists develop a foodservice solution for burgers.

A pinch of the past, a glimpse of the future
Protein continues to be popular, while convenience and flavor are key.

BSE: 10 years later
The United States’ first bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) case in December 2003 remarkably had no measurable impact on Americans’ confidence in beef or on domestic beef sales. However, the opposite was true in nearly all the US’s export markets.

Packaging: Looking back & forward
News in 2013 provides a glimpse of trends in 2014.

Threat of terrorism at heart of FDA proposal
Facilities would have to have a written food defense plan.

More than a chance of meatballs
Natale Grande takes Italian comfort food from the menu to the retail stage.

Frugal sodium reduction
Ingredient strategies when cutting salt in meat have cost considerations.

The Crisis Class of 2003
Remembering the discovery of a BSE infected cow in the US- 10 years later.

Getting a leg up
Turkey drumsticks have become a staple at festivals and special events and demand is growing.

Keep it simple
Edgewood Locker offers a variety of quality products in a no-frills environment.

Sampling, swabbing & safety
Newer, smarter technologies for food-safety testing allow for quicker, actionable results.

Putting taste back into lean
Formulating for texture and taste

Ending waste as world food answer
The “Save Food” campaign makes good sense, even though some aspects are easier to implement than others.

Living the dream
Hard work and determination were the keys to making Pioneer Meats’ dream come true.

Overtaken with bacon
Amateur and professional chefs are getting inventive with their bacon culinary creations in regional and national competitions.

For the love of bacon
Bacon-themed restaurants capitalize on the meat’s popularity.

Endless possibilities
Pork bellies get an infusion of flavor.

Refining bellies
Bacon evolves as an ingredient with culinary credibility.

'COOL' is a lingering hot mess
The mess around COOL will likely continue without a preliminary injunction.
Implications of campaign to reduce waste
The USDA places food waste at 30% to 40%, which relates to 133 billion lbs. of food that never makes it into stomachs from retail food stores, restaurants and homes.

Resolving to survive
Small processors face big challenges in 2013