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Vexing virus
PEDv continues to impact the US pork industry with no solution in sight.

Old-World offerings
Laudermilch Meats satisfies Pennsylvania Dutch culinary cravings for 95 years.
Dialing back sodium
There are a variety of ways to achieve sodium reduction.
Is the worst yet to come for US pork?
Uncertainty surrounds the category as the industry grapples with the PEDv virus.

Social Support
Tyson Foods leverages social media across company departments.

Food-safety fast track
As the need for rapid testing increases, technology keeps up for processors who need to know.

Talkin' turkey Burgers
Foodservice operators are jumping on the turkey-burger bandwagon.

Bulk pack benefits
Butterball improves the sustainability of fresh ground turkey packaging with a new, flexible bulk pack.

Trophy worthy
Butler Gourmet Meats exceeds expectations of retail customers.

Adding appeal
Variety meats get a quality push.

The best of breading
The next generation of battered and breaded meats raises the bar on nutrition.

Successful $ales
Ranking the industry’s top processors
Staking claim
David Fales leads Wyoming’s only federally inspected plant.

Digging deep
Karl’s Country Market strikes it rich for generations.

Savoring sausage
Today’s sausage offers less sodium, less fat and more flavor.

Guaranteeing freshness
Leak protection systems for packaged products can offer customers peace of mind.

Beef prices are red hot
Shrinking supply driving prices even higher with little relief in sight.

It’s what’s inside that counts
The next generation of filled foods and stuffed sandwiches offer a tantalizing array of flavors and textures.

New numbers to measure food business
The rise in use of grains for feed provides affirmation of how consumers are using their newfound gains in living standards to increase consumption of meat and poultry.

Cost conscious
Small processors look for big opportunities and challenges in 2014.

An appetite for poultry
Barberton, Ohio embraces its reputation as a hotbed for fried chicken eateries.

Burger Revolution
Cardinal Meat Specialists develop a foodservice solution for burgers.

A pinch of the past, a glimpse of the future
Protein continues to be popular, while convenience and flavor are key.

BSE: 10 years later
The United States’ first bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) case in December 2003 remarkably had no measurable impact on Americans’ confidence in beef or on domestic beef sales. However, the opposite was true in nearly all the US’s export markets.

Packaging: Looking back & forward
News in 2013 provides a glimpse of trends in 2014.