Keith Nunes

Foodservice at the nexus of value, taste and health
Health and nutrition have the potential to attract more consumers into restaurants.

The foundations of meat flavors
Taste may be king, but consumers are placing greater importance on the ingredients that make up flavors.
Use of antibiotics in animal agriculture facing a pivotal moment
This is an instance when the need for dramatic action is supported by credible science.

Shutdown reaffirms importance of government in agriculture, food
The shutdown put into perspective what government efforts are important for the food and beverage industry to operate smoothly, transparently and efficiently.

Cultured beef event is a case study in effective communication
A possibly controversial technology may be introduced with a focus on minimizing confusion or concern.

‘Big data’ offers opportunities to food companies
Data mining technologies are transforming the consumer packaged goods marketplace.
Reframing of good nutrition a troubling trend
The value of the natural, clean-label trend is rooted in consumer perception rather than the demonstrated nutritive quality of the end products.
Food fraud is a food safety issue
Food and beverage companies must reassess the control they have over their supply chains.
Efforts to reduce childhood obesity showing promise
Food industry deserves some credit for improving children's nutrition.
Viewing the value trend as the new normal
Consumers' focus on value remains firmly in place.
Review clarifies role of herbicides, pesticides
Pesticides and herbicides do not reduce or limit the nutritional quality of the crops.
Social responsibility can spur unintended consequences
Socially responsible business practices have the potential of disrupting an entire supply chain.
Closing the nutrition knowledge gap
How can a program or initiative succeed if the intended audience doesn’t understand the program is targeted at them?
Perception may be more important than authenticity
The marketplace appears to be entering a new phase in which a product or ingredient must not only be authentic — it must fit within the consumer’s perception of what is authentic.
The influence of social media is expanding rapidly
The power of social media is not just limited to interactions and opinions.
Ensuring the future of farming
Much is being written about how to feed a rapidly expanding global population, but of equal importance is who will produce the raw materials.
Be wary of consumer demand for locally sourced products
The perceived consumer interest in locally sourced products flies in the face of more dominant trends.
Food safety is not natural, pure or simple
Products will be less safe if effective approaches are shunned for reasons that have more to do with perception than science.
Cause for concern
Global demand for fresh water may outstrip supply, putting food security at risk
Reason must be at the heart of children's marketing proposals
At the core of the debate is the issue of how best to educate consumers and whether designation of some foods and beverages as 'positive' and others as 'negative' is the best education strategy.
German E. coli outbreak underscores need to fund FSMA
While any food safety issue is a matter of concern for industry executives, it is the lesser known, emerging threats that are the most problematic.
Symbols, shelf tags will not improve consumer nutrition knowledge
Many consumers lack the basic knowledge to practically use the nutrition information food and beverage companies are marketing.
Smaller does not mean safer
The Tester Amendment implies products manufactured by smaller firms are somehow safer than those provided by larger companies
The gray area between food and pharma
The food and beverage industry has been slowly edging its way beyond sustenance and into the gray area between health and wellness and the pharmaceutical sector.
Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee confronts obesity, challenges the status quo
It should be noted that at a time when obesity is such a top-of-mind issue throughout the public health community, the food industry has introduced more products focused on health and wellness than ever before.