Joel Crews

Building perspective
There is plenty to be learned from the past as the industry moves into the future
Back in the saddle
Bill Rupp takes the reins at Meyer Natural Foods after a 25-year tenure at Cargill
Being mindful in marketing
The last thing meat and poultry companies can afford to do is create doubt and confusion within its own industry
Promoting brand identity
Kiolbassa Provision Co. gets savvy with its sausage business
Leading role
Dr. Temple Grandin’s celebrity status keeps animal welfare at center stage
Gold Standards: The Top 125 Processors
Acquisitions and reorganizations reflect challenging times in this year’s ranking
A dose of reality
Smithfield’s Larry Pope addresses the challenges in 2010 and beyond

Publicity pet peeve
When it comes to telling the industry’s story, we all have our role
Lesson learned?
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Stunning exposure
Stunning exposure
Something big to believe in
A recent ribbon cutting could signal a positive shifting of the tides for the future of the industry’s processors.