Joel Crews

Animal health and beyond
Ceva opens the doors of its newest US vaccine production facility
Keep on truckin'
Food-trucks are more popular than ever, but legal speed bumps make business challenging for operators
Forever young?
Many baby-boomers may be reluctant to pop a prescription pill for the rest of their lives to address early signs of aging.
Savory influences
Many beef-flavor attributes are “grown in”
Focusing on the ‘right stuff'
Animal cruelty incidents hightlight the need for having the right people in the critically responsible positions of handling animals
Food defense on the front burner
Processors utilize technology and a sentry-like approach to help protect the food supply
Taking the plunge
Fulton Provision’s Ryan Thornton hit the ground running
Grazing attitude

Optimistic relief

Transcending industries
With an impressive background, Charlean Gmunder pushes Premio Foods to realize its potential
Unveiling ideas
New food products highlight quality, convenience and flexibility
Defense mechanisms
It is during difficult economic times that companies could be most exposed and vulnerable to less-obvious threats.
Processing I.Q.
Sausage processors discuss how working smarter pays off
Weighty menu considerations
There is an obvious opportunity for the foodservice segment to appeal to kids
JBS plays a leading role in advancing food safety with third-party remote video auditing
Meaningful trial
Cargill’s research using E.coli vaccinations has big implications for the beef industry
Benefiting from hindsight
Following the industry and its leaders through ups and downs is never a dull ride
Beyond benchmarks
The fourth National Meat Case Study reveals telling trends
The sum of the parts
Vertical integration pays off for Agri Beef Co.
Taking control
Researchers and processors find reasons for hope in controlling E.coli
Dressing up dogs
Restaurateur “Kobe Frank” Valenza takes a black-tie approach to iconic cuisine
Building perspective
There is plenty to be learned from the past as the industry moves into the future
Back in the saddle
Bill Rupp takes the reins at Meyer Natural Foods after a 25-year tenure at Cargill
Being mindful in marketing
The last thing meat and poultry companies can afford to do is create doubt and confusion within its own industry
Promoting brand identity
Kiolbassa Provision Co. gets savvy with its sausage business