Joel Crews

Dazzling diners
Wayne Farms’ foodservice partnership puts chicken sausage at the top of the pecking order.
Future Focused
Temple Grandin keeps preaching improvement with an eye on agriculture’s next generation.

Ground-beef gurus
Burger Maker has at least FIVE big reasons for its success - and many more planned for the future.

Global packaging perspectives
Formats and applications vary by country and infrastructure.

Orchestrating excellence
Dan Milovanovic, senior vice president of North America operations with OSI Group LLC, is Meat&Poultry's 2014 Operations Executive of the Year.

Maintaining vigilance
Industry, government agencies must be on the lookout for potential threats to the food supply chain.
Linking generations
Krizman’s Sausage: The name behind most of the menus in the ‘BBQ Capital of the World’.

Channel surfing
Tyson tunes in to non-traditional venues for future growth.

Leaving a legacy
Temple Grandin knows the future of animal welfare is in good hands.

Degrees of green
Consumer perception and commitment to sustainable packaging are moving targets.

Sage advice
Donnie Smith, president and CEO of Tyson Foods, delivers a hopeful message to the job-seeking class of 2013.
FLP Food has seen undisputed success behind the vision of its founder.
Corporate challenges
Drought, LFTB and rising feed costs create hurdles in 2012 and set the stage for the New Year.
It's in the can
"Meat&Poultry Perspectives" debuts with Dr. Temple Grandin
Filling the funnel:
Sean Connolly’s innovation focus for Hillshire Brands
Marketing Vehicles
Processors give NASCAR sponsorships a green flag.

Racing through 2012
Marketing was also the key factor behind the investment in a new sponsorship with Richard Petty Motorsports.

Right on pace
Meat&Poultry's commitment to excellence is alive and well.
Team builder
Smithfield’s Henry Morris credits past and current teammates in accepting Meat&Poultry’s Operations Executive of the Year award
Land O’Frost gets ‘linked in’ with the acquisition of Wimmer’s Meats
Oozing optimism
The Morning Dispatch brings online readers the most-timely news of the day as opposed to headlines from the night before.