Bryan Salvage

Binding perfection
Attributes define the most sought-after binders
BK's bone-in rips get a royal reception
Microwaveable meal powerhouse
Hormel Foods' new Dubuque plant harmonizes technology with the environment
When developing healthier products, proceed with caution
A healthy alternative to a leading branded product should be considered an added benefit, but never a substitute for great hedonics.
Cook-in proliferation
Functional packaging technology pays off
Targeting convenience
Creating user-friendly packaging requires focusing on what consumers value the most
Building on 'Corps' values
Timothy Day's Marine background is key to the success of Bar-S
Protein hero
Kiolbassa Sausage Co. processes high-end sausage the traditional way
Volunteers drive the industry
Life is all about helping people
Infusing attributes
Injection technology offers multiple benefits
Adding value
Brines, marinades infuse value and desirable attributes in protein products
A safer approach
Tyson Foods’ pioneering ergonomics program is paying off
Raising the bar
Packaging equipment designs evolve to improve cleaning and sanitation standards
On the road to recovery
Poultry processors seek new opportunities in the face of market challenges
Gaining favor...slowly
Irradiation remains a valuable food-safety tool