Bryan Salvage

'Good vibrations' at Hormel Foods
Hormel reveals the flagship plant’s operations and successes.

No need to cook pork to death
New cook temperature plays a key part in NPB’s new Chop Fest promotion.
Creating future leaders
Chicago Meat Authority takes the bull by the horns to ensure continuous success.
Sandwich success
Land O’Frost delivers quality and consistency with sandwich kits.
Building a solid foundation
Superior flooring is critical to safe and efficient plant operations.
Working with a net
Third-party auditors provide objectivity and unbiased reviews of food-safety practices.
Filling the void
Jack Link’s Beef Jerky was born on the premise there was an opportunity to offer better meat snacks.
Sausage Renaissance
New breakfast, dinner sausage offerings fuel category growth
Cashing in on conventions
Make the most of industry gatherings
Use judiciously
Responsible antibiotic use in livestock benefits animals, industry

Food-safety focused
Greater Omaha Packing Co.’s leaders “walk the walk” while striving to create the safest beef in the US.