Bryan Salvage

Taste without waste
After rolling out new bacon packaging, Smithfield sees more opportunities ahead.
The need for speed
Processors demand fast and accurate food-safety test results.
Forklift trucks play the role of in-plant workhorses.

Mass. produced
Kayem Foods employs automation to maximize productivity.
Packaging evolution
House of Raeford adopts wax replacement packaging.
AAMPed up!
Jay Wenther, executive director of the American Association of Meat Processors, covers the highlights of AAMP’s recent convention.
Eliminating guesswork
Automated washing systems raise the bar for in-plant sanitation.
Talking turkey and more
Strict recipe compliance and a dedicated workforce spells success at Cargill’s Waco, Texas, plant.
On a roll

Hormel milestones
The company’s flagship plant turns 30 this year while SPAM celebrates its 75th anniversary.
Plant workers' ideas pay off
Cargill's Valuing Imagination in People (VIP) program has yielded some impressive results.
Cargill ‘walks the walk’ in food safety
All companies benefit from openness about food-safety interventions.