Bryan Salvage

Changing course
J&G Foods evolves into a niche meat processor.
Eye on the target
Government, poultry industry battling Salmonella and Campylobacter.
Adding value through freezing
Processors ensure quality and safety with chilling technology.
Artisan excellence
Allen Brothers delivers premium quality to steakhouses and backyard chefs.
Virtual know-it-all
USDA’s ‘Ask Karen’ informs and educates.
People power
Hard-working employees are behind the scenes at successful companies.
Giving thanks

Handling with care
Animal welfare is a hot-button issue with consumers and a longtime priority for processors.

Perpetuating the ‘bad foods’ myth
The good foods/bad foods myth persists despite scientific evidence.
Animal handling needs constant supervision
Humane animal handling will remain a front-burner issue for the meat and poultry industry.