Bryan Salvage

If old meat grinders could talk
Home meat grinder makes leftovers new meals.
Building pride
Leadership needs to inspire company employees throughout the ranks.
Condiment crazy
Condiments can turn an ordinary meal into something extraordinary.

The upside of open-air dining
Meat cooked outdoors tastes better.

Buying premium deli meat? Caveat emptor!
Consumers need to pay attention to shelf-life and use-by dates.

Deli sandwich sales are no small potatoes
Innovators in the deli sandwich category are creating exciting offerings.
Be a facilitator not a gatekeeper
Keeping the lines of communications open can save time and money.

Defunct food haunts serve up fond memories
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Unusual products attract curious consumers
Industry will continue to offer unusual meat products that some folks will be willing to try.

Why doesn’t industry make meat analogs?
Meat processors are best equipped to make imitation meat products.

Mega acquisitions keep stunning the industry
Acquisitions have transformed the US meat and poultry industry in just a little over a decade.
Ensure food animals are treated humanely
Consistent, humane treatment of animals requires a strong commitment at all levels.

Manning the grill triggers high anxiety
Thankfully, more barbecue restaurants are springing up throughout the US.

Packaging innovations roll on
Sustainable packaging is capturing a lot of industry interest.
Post-packaging pasteurization of proteins will increase
There are three new, recently approved irradiation companies that plan to irradiate food.

Play ball…and pass the empanadas
Contemporary food menus at Major League Baseball parks have something for anyone.

Vendor partnerships yield impressive results
Collaboration with vendors helps to get projects done more efficiently and effectively.
Shoplifting remains an expensive problem
Advanced technology enables industry to play a role in curbing the theft of their own products.

Pulling inspection is just plain stupid
The sequester is the result of the powers that be in Washington playing “chicken”.