Bryan Salvage

Let’s hear it for…liver and onions
A polarizing dish brings back warm memories.

Keep it sharp!
Appropriate, well-maintained blades key for every slicing application.

Artisan evolution
DiLuigi Foods strives to deliver products that are a cut above.

Indifferent, unfriendly….. or impaired?
Workers in processing plants need to protect their hearing.
The evolution of an East Coast icon
DiLuigi Foods has risen from humble beginnings to become the largest manufacturer of retail niche meat products on the East Coast.

Targeting foreign material
Various technologies detect a variety of unwanted contaminants.
Strength in Numbers
FSIS, CDC partnership to bolster response and detection of food-safety hazards.
Detection reflection
An array of technologies are available to detect foreign materials in meat products.

Sometimes being the best isn’t good enough
Market forces and fickle consumers challenge the foodservice industry.
REV it up!
PLANT TOUR: A closer look at the production behind Hormel’s new REV wraps.
Hickory-smoke memories
Fond memories are kept alive at meat and poultry smokehouse operations.
‘Originate, don’t imitate’
Hormel’s Rev snack wraps are just one example of innovation achieved through team work.
Don’t bury your head in the sand
Meat and poultry businesses should face critics head-on with facts.

Sanitation crews industry’s unsung heroes
New AMI “Glass Walls” video gives an in-depth view of plant sanitation and cleaning/sanitation is vital to food safety.

Slideshow: California dreaming
Breaking in a new plant, Jensen Meat Co. has evolved as a West Coast mainstay.

Jensen Meat Co begins new era
The company’s leadership is building on past successes to ensure a bright future.
Strengthening meat safety
Alternative intervention technologies benefit packing and processing plants.

Corned-beef tradition continues
The St. Patrick’s Day favorite has an interesting history beyond the holiday.

Flocking to poultry welfare
Customers expect suppliers to have a corporate culture committed to animal welfare.

Maintaining the ‘gold standard’
Lopez Foods’ flagship Oklahoma plant embraces cutting-edge technologies to enhance processes and products.

Off the shelf
Product extinction is a natural and disappointing process.

Beefing up sausage
Making a case for beef in a pork-heavy segment.

Picnic indoors
Summer dishes can soothe winter doldrums.

Sausage in motion
Acquisitions, joint ventures and consolidations made their mark in this segment in 2013.
Irradiation: A ‘work in progress’
New strains of foodborne pathogens in meat and poultry have raised interest in irradiation.