Bernard Shire

Changing with the times
Cargill’s diversified product mix addresses consumer needs during the economic downturn
Business rhythm
Lee Seelig’s background in the music industry has his family’s meat company humming
Countdown to test-and-hold
Mandatory compliance is months away while industry weighs in on FSIS notice
Interstate shipment overcomes one hurdle more remain
Interstate shipment overcomes one hurdle, more remain
Heightened regulatory hurdles
Few people know much about agriculture, and that includes more people who serve as regulators and lawmakers
Questions surround USDA's interstate shipment plan
Who will decide not to get into the program, and how the program will work are among the unknowns of the rule
Living the dream
Harris Ranch’s Brandon Carlson brings passion to work
Everything but the squeal
By-product demand enhances processors’ bottom lines
Sausage smart in Seattle
Isernio’s thrives in its 30th year
Experience counts
Jim Van Stone naviages Alderfer-Leidy's through a merger and toward success
New FDA law means end to status quo
The FSMA is focused on applying science and common sense to prevent food-safety problems.
New tax law could unleash capital expenditures
This new deduction could be a huge windfall for meat and poultry industry suppliers who sell processing equipment and other machinery.
Onward and upward
Deli-meat demand surges despite challenging economy
Opportunity barks
Supplying pet-food companies unleashes growth for many processors
Competitive issues, polarizing views
Will the rule proposed by GIPSA result in more or less competition in the meat industry?
Test-and-hold: Policy or Pandora’s Box?
Policy could lead to a chain of future mandatory USDA requirements
Performance standards pose problems
Putting the onus of raw-meat safety completely on the poultry industry has raised concerns
Fighting Listeria
Clean and sanitized facilities combined with sanitary equipment design keeps Listeria at bay
Leading and learning
Jody Horner demonstrates her commitment to filling the shoes as Cargill Meat Solutions’ leader
HACCP proposal prompts hand wringing
HACCP proposal prompts hand wringing
Writing the book on sanitation
Expert provides sanitation tips, encouragement to plant workers