Bernard Shire

Leadership values
Rod Brenneman transitions to turkey after years of leading Seaboard Foods.

Growing market share
Food-safety at farmers markets gets attention
Backyard inspirations
Processors cash in on cookouts and barbecue-style meat products.
High on the hogs
Artisan ham and premium pork find a home in the US market.
Mandating well-done burgers
There’s a reason restaurants can get away with undercooking ground beef.
Sample-ready, or not?
Clarifying new FSIS E. coli testing requirements
LFTB lessons learned
Industry needs to reach out to consumers to allay their suspicions about food manufacturing
Executive experience
Eddy Packing Co. taps former Tyson exec., Scott McNair, to lead it into the next era.
Focus on plant sanitation
The sanitation shift isn’t glamorous, but it’s vital to plant operations.
Family farm labor pains
Strict regulations governing child labor on farms could limit the number of youngsters entering the agriculture industry.
Government cutbacks cause concern
The real question is how these initiatives will affect the day-to-day work of USDA in the poultry and meat plants.
Regulatory hurdles ahead
Competition issues will resurface during the next Farm Bill debate, which will take place this year.
Grass-based growth
Integrity and experience are the pillars of success for Panorama Meats
Piece of the pie
Processors profit from the booming US pizza industry
Food fight
The fight is part of a battle over new nutritional standards for the school lunch and school breakfast programs.
Work in progress
FDA, industry working on fixing hard-to-understand nutrition labels
Ratcheting up food-safety efforts
USDA is interested in exploring how pathogens can be controlled on live animals.
Crowning achievements
Mike Townsley leads Bob Evans Foods into the future.
Training for tomorrow
Universities around the country are educating the next generation of meat and poultry professionals.
Carcass irradiation controversy
USDA puts the kibosh on AMI’s petition again, creating more questions than answers
'Enhanced' regulations
Do regulatory changes always improve the inspection system for all concerned?
Taking flight
Larry Odom pilots his family’s business to success
Taking flight
Larry Odom pilots his family’s business to success
Boosting food-safety oversight
New laws have empowered FDA to prevent adulteration and contamination in food
Switching gears
Creekstone Farms finds success in focusing on top-quality Black Angus Beef for US steakhouses