Bernard Shire

Stockyard Revival
With the Chicago Stockyards as a backdrop, Jordan Dorfman leads Chicago Meat Authority into the future.
Tracing back contamination
A proposed new rule makes it easier to trace back sources of E. coli O157:H7 contamination in ground beef.

Antibiotic debate continues
Antibiotics are important tools for use by veterinarians and human medical doctors in both animal and human medicine.

Ready, willing and disciplined
Bill Lovette predicts continued success for Pilgrim’s Pride, as well as for the poultry industry.

Protecting poultry
USDA works to modernize poultry inspection – plain and simple.

Agri Beef’s Brad McDowell keeps raising the bar.
Ultimate fighter
Eldon Roth keeps working to return BPI to its former glory.

Making handling safer
Industry should be allowed to provide additional label information for consumers by using a well-defined approval process.

Food defense direction
Anti-terrorism is the focus of FDA proposal.

Resolving to improve food safety
USDA sets tough goals for 2014.

Dedicated to beef
John Keating traces his success at Cargill to a values-based foundation.

Mirroring USDA Inspection
Why does USDA inspect plants every day, while years can pass between inspections of FDA-regulated plants?

Donation-worthy considerations
A new USDA rule ensures safety of food items donated by charitable organizations.

Political pressure
Food-safety proposals in Congress threaten more regulation of meat and poultry industry.

Death tax debate
Industry opponents of the unpopular tax call it “a death warrant for small to medium-sized family businesses.”
Horse slaughter storm rages on
Horse slaughter could bring unwanted attention to the meat and poultry industry.

Interstate shipping update
Some plants operating under state inspection are selling meat and poultry products across states lines.
What’s in a name?
Confusion about the types of meats available in store counters doesn’t help meat sales.

Focusing on public health
The new Public Health Information System is a user-friendly, web-based application that replaces many of FSIS’ current systems.
HACCP visions
Making FDA food-safety requirements more like USDA’s was a major goal of the FSMA.
‘Test-and-hold’ realities
The new policy is one more step toward improving food safety.

Activists on the attack
Stakeholders must do more to abate attempts by animal-rights activists to hurt the US meat and poultry industry.
FSMA: slow, steady progress
There’s still a way to go before all the food-safety improvements are into effect and working.
Crossing Borders
International trade plays a key role for processors.
The case for more space
Legislation governing production practices has agriculture and agri-business groups concerned.