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Kasel engineers and manufacturers industrial slicing equipment for the meat industry. Since 1989 Kasel Slice-N-Tact machines have been meeting the heavy volume and precision slicing demands of commercial processing plants.

Kasel has re-engineered the classic Toby slicers, utilizing more stainless steel and upgraded electrical components for a better working machine as well as more convenient and thorough sanitation. The newest edition to the Toby 3600 comes with added sanitation features. Listeria has no place to hide. We continue to service older Toby equipment with parts and component upgrades.

All Kasel Slice-n-Tact machines will handle up to 7,500 lbs. of product per hour, slicing processed or fresh meats end-to-end in one single pass. These uniquely designed machines minimize end waste, allowing all of the product to be packaged.

Slicers are purpose-built to your plant’s requirements. We will test-cut your product on our in-house machines and document the results for your input on the final production specifications.

We design and fabricate all slicers at our manufacturing facility in Denver, CO. All equipment offered by Kasel is undergoing constant improvements efficiency and sanitation. Parts and service are always available.

When making a capitol equipment investment key considerations are long, maintenance-free life; high-yield, precision slicing for accurate portion control; low product loss; and a clean, uniform product slice are what Slice-N-Tact and Toby slicers are all about.
We look forward to discussing your plant’s operational needs with you.

The new Toby 3600SS accepts molded loaves or naturally-shaped whole muscle product. It is capable of slicing hams and bacon to multiple-up lunch meats and pepperoni. Orifices for your specific product can be provided and quickly changed as needed.

NEW – Pressurized tube frames fitted for flow-through CIP and controlled atmosphere gas flushing
• Disassembles for clean-up in 3 minutes – no tools required.
• Finer slice control and uniform stacking
• Outputs stacked, shingled or fluffed product
• Available with continuous feed or clamp feed
• 11” wide product orifice
• In-feed accepts multiple logs up to 72” long
• 1,200 RPM orbital slicing for greater production output
• Precision servo-motor driven for the most accurate slicing
• The latest computerized technology
• User-friendly digital interface
• Built-in blade sharpener – sharpens the blade in 3 minutes without removal

Out-feeds are available for any product line requirement, including check-weighing systems

• Slices whole fresh or frozen product in one cycle with minimal end waste.
• Operates at speeds up to 2,000 slices per minute (BH-15),10 strokes per minute (BH-20)
• Output up to 7,500 lbs. of product per hour
• More accurate than hand cutting
• Slice bone-in product (cooked or fresh) with minimal bone dust and no bone chips (BH-20BI)
• Slices from 1/16” to 15” thick with the BH-15, or from .045” to 19.88” thick with the BH-20
• Vary the thickness of slices within the same product by simply adjusting the blade spacing
• Machines require a minimal amount of floor space and use standard plant electrical and air connections
• Convenient disassembly for thorough cleaning and sanitation
• Solid-state electronics

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