At Gainco, we combine technically superior automated weighing, sizing, yield tracking, and quality management systems with advanced data management technology to optimize yield management, food safety, and plant operations.

Whether you’re seeking a new installation or enhancements to an existing processing line, our technical specialists will work with you to deliver the right systems and equipment to meet your needs.

Our wide-ranging equipment solutions include scales and weighing systems, product sizing, distribution and packaging systems, and more.

Our newest innovation is the YieldScan™ Rapid Frame Analyzer – a self-contained, plant-floor QC solution for improving poultry cone lines and automated deboning operations.

• YieldScan provides real-time, actionable data and leading indicators for supervisors to drive improvements on the processing line.

• It harnesses the latest vision-based scanning technology to monitor and analyze your process, accurately and in real-time.

• It provides a QC scoring system that can be standardized across inspectors, processing lines, and entire plants.


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