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Eagle Product Inspection

Eagle Product Inspection is a widely regarded global leader in the provision of product inspection and fat analysis technologies. Proven, highly accurate detection levels help increase production line efficiencies, reduce the risk of product recalls and assist with regulatory compliance. Eagle x-ray systems are capable of inspecting 100% of throughput providing accurate fat analysis within +/- 1CL while simultaneously measuring mass and inspecting for contaminants including metal, glass, stone and bone. Using Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DEXA) technology, Eagle FA systems measure the amount of x-rays that are absorbed by fat and lean meat through the use of two different x-ray energies. The new FA3 Series systems were developed to meet producers’ needs for yield management, hygienic standards and a smaller footprint. These high-performance systems provide inline fat, moisture and protein analysis for fresh, frozen or thawing meat products in cartons or bulk to help reduce fat claims, achieve combo targets without sorting/sampling and ensure the safety of meat products.

Eagle Product Inspection
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