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Douglas Machines Corp.

Douglas Machines Corp. offers a full line of automated washing and sanitizing equipment for all containers commonly used in the meat, poultry, food processing and distribution industries. Over 80 standard models exist to quickly and efficiently clean pans, trays, moulds, scale parts, screens, pallets, lugs, totes, racks, smoke trucks, bins, vats, barrels and buckets. Batch and continuous cleaning systems are available to clean several hundred to several thousand containers an hour.

Each machine is designed to save labor, water, chemical and energy, plus help you meet today’s high standard if cleanliness and sanitation. The ideal model for your company depends on the type and quantity of items to be washed, the type of soil to be removed, the desired wash time, heating options, level of flexibility, space limitations, and budget considerations. For a complete overview or for literature and specifications on a particular model, visit or call 800-331-6870 today.

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